2 Months


awww… little baby snores.


Yesterday we went to the doctor to get Baby A’s first round of vaccines. I had been warned that mothers often cry and that it would be harder for me than it would be for him. Well… it was hard for everyone. I’ve read one too many blogs that claim that doctors encourage nursing during vaccinations to comfort babies. I offered to nurse while Baby A got his shots and I got a swift “no! he could throw up the medicine.” Dear internet, you are a liar! lol The doctor weighed and checked him out/prodded baby A before the shots so he was super pissed well before the nurse and her tray even showed up.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Baby Avery had a little Tylenol from the pediatrician and slept most of the day. Apparently doctor visits take a lot out of this little guy because he’s just so exhausted.

But anyway, we are almost 2 months, woohoo!!!


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