When you look good… or Ode to my hairdresser

It’s summer vacation, so I’ve been pretty lazy in terms of keeping up appearances. In fact, I looked in the mirror the other day and was like “woah… you’re looking quite different today.” One thing you should know about me is that I pretty much stop trying to look cute when 1) I know that I won’t be running into anyone for a while (i.e. vacations, school breaks, etc). This happens more and more these days, (maybe because I’m 8 months pregnant?) Anyway, I’ve been wearing my hair in pigtails and ever since my best friend from middle school introduced me to “half wigs lol”, I’ve just completely given up on doing my hair. I got my dogs groomed and even they look fresher than I did. lol However, my sister is getting married this weekend!!! agggghhh! So as you can imagine, it is quite imperative that I get myself together.


So I decided that yesterday would be the day I start to take care of myself… again. I came in looking sheepish as it has been almost a year since I’ve seen my stylist. At our last visit she told me to schedule a time to come in and cut my hair. “Here for my haircut!” Anyway, we talked and it was wonderful! So we talked and I learned that her baby is 7 months old and we also went to middle school together. (Who would have though DC could be such a small town? lol) Anyway, after having her rub my head and slowly bring me back into the land of the living, I can honestly say that the woman is a miracle worker. Long story short, a good hair dresser is like a good man/woman, once you find them hold on to them!

(I’ll post pics later)


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