We Love Each Other When We Aren’t Fighting

Although I’m sure it’s difficult for some of you to imagine, this newly engaged woman does not have hearts and butterflies floating out of her ass. In fact, on some days it’s mostly just hot air.

Some days, I can’t even be in the same room with my fiancé. lol (I’ve been told that if you put “lol” at the end, you can say mean things with half the bite). He drives me insane. LOL Like tonight, we are currently fighting about how our guest list has expanded to an enormous, unpredictably high number of people. (But before you call me tacky, we don’t fight in public… not to say that makes it better lol).

I wanted a small wedding… He wanted everyone he’s ever known to come.

I wanted to have seated dining… He wanted everyone to have dinner OPTIONS… and menus specific to everyone’s dietary needs.

I wanted this to be under $5,000… he wanted to be involved (superficially) and then makes random [read: expensive] suggestions, of which he probably won’t pay for… with money…

Why am I marrying him? Well, because we love each other when we aren’t fighting.

Apparently, I’m not the only one though.


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